Daniel just cooked up some Smoked Stuffed Bologna on his smoker up at his wife's house. I was running around with him the other day as he was trying to find a 24 inch stick of bologna along with a tube to cut the middle out.

He settled for a few five pound sticks and bought a two inch by three foot stainless steel pipe, food grade safe, from Amazon and cored the middle out of them.

Then he scored them and rubbed them down with yellow mustard and Dano's green top original seasoning.

Scoring them allows the mustard binding agent to get down into the smoke ring, followed by the seasoning. Then let them cook until they get dark, about four hours.

The stuffing consists of pepper jack cheese, cream cheese, fresh cilantro, fresh chives, one fresh jalapeno pepper with seeds removed, and bacon bits.

He cut me off a slice which I'm waiting to eat tommorrow, can't wait!

I'm going to fry it up slowly in a pan with butter, toast a couple slices of bread, along with two eggs in my airfryer, put mayo on the bread and make a sandwich out of everything.