Human skin is such a fragile thing, a really thin layer that holds everything in. It's kinda like our planets surface, holding the fire down below, but volcanos can pop up anywhere.

I don't know what's going on with my body, my earth, that causes eruptions. But they are occurring. I don't know if it's internal or external. I have a big long dark brown area that stretches out from a recent skin cancer removal on my left arm.

I've had a lot of blood work done in the last couple of years, examined by great doctors, and nobody mentioned the C word. But I'm really curious about this shit.

How am I going to fulfill my wish to enjoy a women's body one more time before I die, with sores popping up on my skin? I suppose the solution would be to keep my skin off of hers, and I have hands and a mouth.

Is there any decent woman out there that would be willing to lay down on my bed naked on a warm Fall day with the door open, and be made love to? Just lay back and relax, let me do my thing. I have decades of wonderful sexual experiance under my belt and I can possibly get you off.

No penetration, I could, but thats not the point. I just want to enjoy a woman one more time. Old man sex, close your eyes and fantasize away!

Hey, this blog don't get more real than this...