I have a few people that love me, not many. There is nobody In Love with me and nobody I'm In Love with. I miss that emotion terribly, and I'm too old and too far gone to do anything about it.

I really miss young kids in my life. I sat with a little guy at Lake Lindsey the other day and I got the ducks to eat from his hand. His dad was standing way back with his fishing pole in hand, letting his son experience it.

I miss the great-grandkids I will probably never meet.

I fell in love with Steph's grand-daughters, Lily and Lyla, up the road in Summertown. That relationship fell apart and they're all grown up now...

I made a loving connection with the amazing R E Ella last month, my flaming red haired two year old grand-daughter, who lives in Washington State.

I bonded with the sweet baby girl Shelby tried to adopt. It hurt me hard when she lost her to the system. Prudence was her sisters daughter.

I love spending time with my nine year old friend Madeline, looking forward to it in a week or so, but I'm talking about having little kids around you all the time.

It's a wonderful energy and I understand why Steph chose to live the life she did.