My shoulder is hurting bad and starting to stiffen up. Driving the stick in my truck is getting tough. I'm thinking about having my right arm removed at the shoulder, but I would have to trade the truck in for an automatic and that ain't going to happen.

I was riding around with Daniel this morning as he was buying stuff to make some stuffed smoked bologna. He was looking in vain for some thin wall PVC pipe yesterday, to cut the middle out of the bologna, so he can stuff cheese and other things in it, then smoke it for eight hours. He bought a stainless steel pipe off Amazon.

When we got back, the hot mail lady had set a large orange envelope up against my door. It was addressed to Shelby at my address, from the condo we stayed at last week. Oh shit, I thought they were sending legal documents trying to recover damages for the drywall holes that my body made.

Turned out to be the slick photo thing we had done at the Hard Rock Cafe, we obviously left it behind.