I was watching a teenage werewolf movie this morning when I decided to have breakfast at Square Forty, before I fed the ducks. Drove over and they were closed. Oh yea, redoing their floors or something.

So the only other option is Pat's Cafe on the other side of town. I've never figured out their schedule and I've been burned. So I decided to call them first, and I got a recording giving me two options. Neither one gave me the ability to talk to a person, or find out if they're open.

So I said what the hell and decided to just go there. Driving through this town at 0730 is crazy, people going to work, school busses, utility trucks.

I knew as soon as I pulled around the corner and saw an emerging empty parking lot, that Pat's Cafe was closed. Then I started to lose it.

Words began gurgling out of my mouth for the first time since last night. After the third time the words began to get clearer and louder, finally I was shouting at the top of my lungs "I Hate This Fucking Town". I really don't, but on that back road leaving Pat's, I lost it.

There really was no place to get breakfast here this morning, so I drove back across town and up to the park to feed the ducks. I had a feeling when I came around the corner and didn't see them in their normal spot, that I was going to get burned.

Sure enough, got out of the truck with the feed bag and walked up and down the dock looking for them, called out into the lake for them, and they were gone. I even slow cruised the lakeshore down to the dam looking for them. Burned again.

I told Daniel last night that I was road tripping to Decatur, GA today. I am so full of shit, hell I just spent the last hour driving around in bullshit traffic for nothing, and there was no way I was going to get my act together for a trip today.

So I came home and cooked myself up some eggs. I was just starting to get back into that werewolf movie, when my friend pulled up front. He decided to smoke a big fat one with me before going to work. Man, it's been a while and I said "hell yea", and that fatty got burned.

My miserable self loathing morning attitude has changed to mellow. The only road trip I'm taking today is up to the Park at noon to look for ducks.