I lived in Southern CA, Albuquerque NM, Salt Lake City UT, Floriston CA, Ivanhoe CA, Visalia CA, and Paradise CA by the time I was a Junior in High School. I didn't make many friends up to that point.

At Paradise High, I was an odd ball. Kind of an outcast socially, but I had developed musical and athletic skills along the way, which I applied for some reason, to High School.

I played first trumpet, I sang, I set three track records, I played all-star first base. I got kicked off wrestling for aggressiveness. I was rebellious and confused about life.

I dropped out of High School in my late Senior Year when an English teacher gave me an F on an oral book report that I gave to my class. I had written it from scratch, presented it well, and she accused me of plagiarizing it.

I discovered later that I was really smart. Thank god, because I wouldn't have made it this far. I spent the first years as a young rebellious hippy kid, hitching Route 66 back and forth across America, landing back in the Haight Ashbury.

Then I had the opportunity to apply my smartness, at Merritt College in Oakland CA, and I took it.

So here I sit, a formally really smart seventy seven year old man! I have no interest in coding, music, athletics or anything smart. I just want to live, take photos along the way, and be real.