Sometimes signs come in the most unusual way. I've been busy all afternoon planning an upcoming epic road trip out west, sending texts, trying to feel out where the most interest in my company might reside.

All of a sudden, opportunity came knocking, in the form of a knock on my door. It was Ricky, the owner of the local tubing company that transports creek tubers down to my dead-end street, get's them in the water for a two hour cruise and then picks them up later. I met the girl bus driver last summer when I helped her turn the bus around down by the creek. Combine that with the fact that my landlord Steve told his friend Ricky that I was a good guy, and I now have a job for the summer driving the bus.

How about that. No road trip for me, and with everything going down out there, probably a good thing. I think in their magical mystery way, my people on the other side just gave me a sign.