My little dead-end street on Shoal Creek is a great walking area. It's like having a private park, and this spot is a short distance from my front door.

Unfortunately I'm walking like an old man these days. My lower back is locking up on me, and it's difficult to move.

I had a skin cancer thing removed from my chin yesterday, autopsy pending. Then I picked up some circular band aids today to hide the hole in my face.

I'm making myself available to the tubing company tomorrow, get the boys up to speed on the patching techniques I worked up last year, and do some old school bus driving training, if they found someone.

I just want my friends there to know that OldManJim is not up to the speed he has been in the past. If you see me walking funny, understand why. I'm not coming on as a full time employee, just as a consultant, because I like the heck out of all of you.

I told Elizabeth I would be available for driving this Summer if they get in a bind, and I'm in town. I can still drive, I just may be a little slow getting to the seat!