My buddy Moses dropped by today. I'm making a new friend, and it's great. The best way to describe him is real! No bullshit, just pure honesty.

He's a long-haul trucker, been at it for decades, and about to move into a new job driving ash from some process, around a complex to a dumping ground. Four days a week, 0700 to 1300, $200 a day. Plus a fifty dollar bonus for showing up all four days.

His eighty one year old dad is in the hospital right up the road from me. Moses has been texting me his condition lately, and dropped by here today for a break.

He has been at his dad's side since he entered the hospital a couple of days ago. He has bacteria and infection in his blood stream, and they're cleaning him out.

I'm very impressed that my fifty nine year old friend really loves his father! I told him so, and he said his dad taught him everything.

I'll leave it at that...