Who am I? I'm a good man. I help people out when I can. I wish no ill will towards anyone. I love and appreciate life, for myself and my animal friends around me.

I have many addictions, one of which is sitting at this little laptop, and writing. I wish all of my limited list of friends, had a blog. A place where they could lay their souls bare, to the world.

I would read all of them, I want to know! And then you can delete them.

I guess that's what I do, I lay my soul bare to the world. But why?

Is it an attempt to make myself relevant? If I didn't blog, would anyone remember?

Who will remember me when I'm gone? Only a select few. I believe the term here is legacy, of which I leave little.

I guess my blogs are my legacy. It costs about two hundred bucks a year to maintain them. They are like windows into my soul at each moment in time.

Written by ChatGPT...