I wonder if I'm being cat-fished on behalf of my daughter Becky. We have not actually talked on the phone, just texted. I talked to my grand-daughter Shelby, and she said the same thing.

Shelby maintains that her mother Becky exists, because of posts from men in her life from Facebook, which could easily be faked, and I'm seriously beginning to wonder what's real!

I think my bridges are burned, you apply too much heat and they crumble into ashes! My only real friend is my neighbor Daniel, and we've spent the evening playing with his many concealed carry handguns.

We have talked about family and hatred. He hates his dad and his ex-wife. He has nothing to do with his mom. They are all still alive and I am sad at his emotions.

I hate nobody. God I wish my mom and dad were alive. They were both wonderful people, and I loved them.