I gave my 1988 Mazda B2200 her every other year tuneup today, new cap and rotor, new fuel filter, cleaned and oiled the Weber carb filter. Tomorrow, new spark plugs and high quality windshield wipers.

I messed up the plug to distributer sequence, so I contacted my automotive genius son Riley. Within a minute he had a diagram in my text feed, the sequence was 1,2,4,3. I then figured out which was 1, and she is now purring like an old cat.

I've got 240K miles on that truck, and I would love to get another 240K. I have taken very good care of her since I bought her from Riley many years ago.

I had a Driggs, ID mechanic strip all of the emission controls off the engine when I lived there. He then installed a Weber carb and a header. It was a game changer for my old truck!

I had a great stereo system installed, and the bed in the back of my canopy is a custom memory foam install that I love to sleep on!

Within the last year I've had new brakes and shocks installed, along with some great tires. She's ready for a road trip!

I talked to a local detailer today about power washing the engine compartment, and he said I would have to take responsibility for any component failures afterwards. I'll pass, she's old and greasy, and that's the way she will stay!

Her name is Jill, because she lived with my big old black truck named Jack, back in Idaho.