My Seattle trip has performed perfectly within the plan, so far. Hung out with the Tubing crew yesterday afternoon, ate some food and had a nice time.

Then I drove to a Love's travel center north of Nashville and parked between two large white vans, which were still there when I got up at 0500. The parking lot for my truck was just down the road and caught the shuttle to the airport with no issues.

Breezed through security, shoes on, and didn't have to take my electronics out. Very smooth. Then I found a table with a power outlet and everything is all charged up, and I've goten two blog posts up, and two videos.

I shot some footage of the tubing crew yesterday, where I shoved my camera in everyone's face and told them to say their name and who they were.

I got everyone but Rocco, Madie, and Rachel, I must have hit the photo button by accident, so I just have a picture, and missed Rachel completely.

I'll still create a video, but it won't be all that I wanted...