It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on Secret Beach, San Pedro Belize when a few storm clouds rolled in and I thought, hmmm. The next morning when I got up it was raining and coming down pretty good but it was warm and refreshing so I walked through it up to the main street where a vendor made me some fresh coffee in a pan. We were flying out shortly so I didn't care if it was raining.

As I watch the weather now I see that tropical storm moving up across the gulf towards the states and realize I was right there when it formed. Small world. The temp here in Tennessee is a balmy eighty with low humidity and I can only imagine the hell Arizona is in now.

I remember well a road trip few years back where I scooted along the Death Valley border with Arizona in my truck in the summer with no a/c and the thermometer read 119. No thanks, once is enough.

It looks like this storm is going to veer to the south of us, which is just fine. Now if I can just find a cat sitter I can get a few road trips in this summer.