I just put myself out there for a summer job. I saw that Crockett Shoals Tubing was looking for a driver, so I reached out to their manager, and my friend, Elizabeth, and offered my services.

I drove for them three years ago, and had a great time. Last year they needed a tube patcher, and I stepped up and did that grueling job.

I told the big boss Ricky that I was not going to patch tubes this year, and I figured that was it. Then I saw the driver job opening.

I really wasn't planning on working this summer, my main goal was to hook up with family down in Pensacola at the end of July.

But a summer job would do me good. I drive people, that's what I've been doing for the last thirty years. Driving an old yellow fourteen passenger school bus, towing a trailer full of float tubes, up and down Shoal Creek, is a great job!

I would have drove last season, but all they needed was a tube patcher.

So, we will see where this goes. If they make an offer, I'll have to scramble with family, and work out an alternative to a late July meet up.

Update: Ricky offered me the job, and I have accepted!