My neighbor Daniel is a gun expert. We've had several conversations about the proper state to have your short barreled shotgun in, while you sleep with it in the back of your truck.

I kept maintaining that just racking the barrel should be enough to deter someone from opening up my canopy. His position is that I should be able to fire off one round quickly to defend myself.

In other words the weapon should be racked, with one in the chamber, ready for a finger press to release the safety, then dropping that finger down and firing.

I have conceded to his position. My shotgun will now be protecting me in the back of my truck, ready to defend in about one second.

I also gave her a spa day at a gun shop down the road recently. She's old, flawless, locked and loaded! Wow, I now get where the expression locked and loaded comes from. This is a state of mind, you're either ready to fight, or you're ready to pretend to be.

So The Safety is that little round thing in the upper righthand corner of the trigger area. This button protects yourself and others from accidental discharge. And it better be ready to give it up, without too much effort, when you need it to.