Had a crazy ass day today, trying to hook up with my blood doctor. My GPS got me close to the spot in Columbia, TN, but I was sitting in the middle of a small strip mall, when she said I had arrived.

I walked into a TMobile phone store and asked if there were any Maury Regional doctors offices around and he said they were all over the place, but the big office was a mile away, biggest building in town. Yea, I passed that, so I went back and it turned out to be the Hospital. Nope, no doctor Messenger there, so I checked the building next door, nope.

So I called my doctors office and they sent me back to where I came from, and finally found their building, around the corner from TMobile. OMFG. I entered the office right on time and spent the next hour dumping out my soul as a new patient.

I waited a long time in the room, finally a frail old man appeared. He dug deeper into my world, taking notes along the way. Finally he took me back to the lab for more blood draws. Then he examined my pelvic/stomach area for some reason.

I now have an appointment in two weeks for an ultrasound. I have no fucking idea what's going on, but I'm in it for the ride...