I'm done designing websites and I'm done developing apps. I've been writing code for 52 years now in some form or another, starting at Merritt College in 1970 in Oakland, CA.

The drive is just gone, formatted to empty. Shelby asked me last month about developing a site and I had to turn her down. I told her I didn't have the expertise to code the specific things she wanted, but I could have learned them, if the drive was there.

Losing skills is like the death of a great friend. It's been an integral part of my life, I've had great successes across many platforms, and now it's gone.

I can't even maintain the cool things I've created for this blog. Most of them still work and if you click on the menu item above called Stuff, you can have some fun. Just don't ask me to fix one if it's broken...

If the video fails to load, click Here.