I've been running all of the major rich text website based editors through their paces lately, and most were developed by geeks who love pushing javascript bullshit on you just to get them up and going. One of them had 240 setup options, give me a break!

I have settled on the one I should have checked out first, called tinyMCE. It's open-source but does have paid plans that I need to stay away from. I like it a lot, it's very configurable, and it just works.

A text editor is key to my marketing plan for JimCube. I want to give folks the ability to create/change their own content on the site, whenever they want. Now all they have to do is log on as Admin, select the section they want to edit, and do it.

I was having so much fun with the editor today that I rewrote all of the main site text with it, instead of changing the code here on my computer and then uploading it to the server.