My neighbor Daniel is a maintenance man for the many K thru 12 schools here in Lawrence county. The other day while on a break, he had his phone open reading my blog.

He had Emma's picture up full screen as his boss walked by, and the boss said What's this?, and Daniel had to scramble, explaining it was his neighbors grand-daughter, from his blog!

Wow, this is very sad! Apparently, some male teachers here are accused of inappropriate attention to their senior female students!

Folks here are pissed off about this, and rightly so! We drove by a school board meeting yesterday at the Lawrenceburg HS, and there were four cops on the scene, expecting something.

To counter that, Daniel and I concurred what a great community we live in.

Everyone is friendly and willing to help their neighbors out, crime is low, and it's just a great laid back Southern Tennessee town to live in.

But these male teachers need to keep their dick in their pants! And if this shit is confirmed, get the fuck out of town!