I got an email today from a guy named Chris Jennings, as part of a service I've signed up with, to send me sample email newsletters matching my interests.

I liked his writing, talking about VR headsets and Meta. Went to his site showing his previous posts, and I discovered substack.com. I've checked them out and here's what I found:

His email is named Iterate and the web address is https://iterate.substack.com/

Substack is a service that hosts people that love to write and create content, then share it with the world as a newsletter.

You can also make money in the form of paid subscriptions. If folks want to read your stuff they can pay three or four bucks a month to do it. Substack handles all the details and drops the money into your PayPal.

I have a blog where I dump my soul out to the world, just because I thrive to create, and I don't make a dime on it. Actually, I pay to have it hosted.

Maybe I could start a substack and then feed it content I've created over many years of blogging. Get some subscribers and...