I have determined that I cannot thread a needle, much less actually sew. But I can still dig up my coding skills when I need to fix something.

I was looking at my "All Posts" feature and clicking on them randomly, when I started seeing some of them show up with the dreaded "Sorry, I've deleted that Post" message. I then realized that I had written that PHP module to grab everything, even though I had changed my mind about viewers seeing some of them.

Oops. Hey, I write a lot of stupid posts, some more stupid than others, and I just send them to the trash the next day or so. But the All Posts code was grabbing everything. So I did a var_dump on them and found that Posts with a "state" of -2 were the trashed ones.

So I went to the code and added a conditional that specified "&& $row['state'] != "-2", and now that function shows 1,278 posts as opposed to 1,486. Which means I have 208 posts on this blog that I have written, and trashed.

Maybe I should write a module that just shows "Trashed" posts, and prove to the world how fucked up I am!

At least I have discovered that, even though booze is getting the better of me, and taking me down, I can still code...