Ok, I'm a snow snob, I admit it. I have frequently brushed off the lame ass snow events that have happened here over the last three years, but this one wasn't bad, about six inches down, icey underneath, temps into the lower teens.

I've been hunkered down for days now waiting for it to melt but it just keeps coming. Power and internet are still up so I'm good, but I was running out of things so I decided to do a store run this morning.

Got out to the highway, ran into a pile of snow and ice blocking the street, and got stuck. As I was walking back to the house a big ol monster truck pulled up with a good ol boy driving around with his kids unstuking people. His teenage son in another truck came up from the south, turned his rig sideways and blocked the road. I grabbed my tow strap, hooked to his bumper and he had me pulled out onto the highway in a heartbeat, and down the road towards town we all rolled.

Went to Krogers and stocked up and on the way back into our street I gunned it and went flying through that patch of crap and slid to a stop at my carport. Fun day!