I've got three skins in the Mega Million drawing tonight, and when they announce the winning ticket being bought from the Taz Mart on the outskirts of Lawrenceburg, TN, and it's me, here's what I'm going to do.

The cash out is seven hundred million plus. Everyone says you need to quickly hire on a management staff to take over everything. Fuck that!

Please, just deposit it into my checking account.

My local bank Capstar, where the inside girls I genuinely like, would gain great notoriety! The town would bloom from tourists around the world flocking to see where the man who won the Mega Millions lived.

Then I would hire a local law firm to take care of all the legal stuff. I would ask around my few friends here and take their advice. The same with an accountant.

Ok, continuing in my little house at the end of a dead end street in southern Tennessee is probably not a good idea.

So, I would find the coolest old mansion around here, with beautiful properties all around, and buy them up.

Then I would invite every friend and family member in my life: daughter, son, grandkids, great-grandkids, sisters, brothers (I have one each) to take up residency around me.

I would pay for their homes and set them up finanicaly. If they chose to accept, I would be surrounded by family, not substance.

Hey, this could be an important document, so I better shut it down and save it...