I hardly ever eat fast food, but today I pulled into a Burger King down in Leoma (or Loretto, they all look the same) and ordered a fish sandwich and a cup of water.

I pulled up to the window and saw the sandwich presented to a cute young girl while she was just chatting away with someone and putting my water together.

Finally she opened the window and said it would be $5.80. I held out a twenty, which she finally took, and handed me my stuff.

I then drove off and started eating my sandwich, heading home. About 10 miles down the road I thought about my change. Woops! Oh well, hopefully she considered it a tip and put it in her cute little Tennessee girl pocket.

I really am spacing out a lot lately. Don't know if it's the aging process, Covid vaccinations, drinking, or all of the above.

Daily living is a challenge, but at least I'm independent with a roof over my head. In the meantime, I've made some good friends, who like to come over for breakfast: