So, I was talking about getting scammed over the phone recently, and it's now resolved.

My bank in Idaho accepted my request to investigate those charges made against my account, and they found my claim to be valid. Then they put the ninety three bucks back into my account.

I'm impressed! I'm not sure what fund they use to finance this sort of thing, but I'm glad for it.

The scammers got $3.99 from me. That was the authorized charge I made with them, thinking I was dealing with an associate of my health care plan, but I had mis-dialed. They subsequently signed me up for four monthly ripoff subscriptions, and this was the amount refunded.

The card was killed immediately and they will never get another dime from me. And, an investigator for my health care provider is tracking them down.

Not all stories like this end well, just thought I'd share.