What a wild technical ride I just went on. I've created a new Player which launches from OMJRoute (Tools/Perma) and creates a stand alone page with a Leaflet map showing what the route looks like in a simplified manner. Click the icon in the middle to launch the main program and play the route. The player is stripped down to the bare minimum to load as quick as possible and the map system (Leaflet) has the smallest footprint in the map world.

The goal was to be able to run everything in a window inside the blog as you see below, but browser security was getting in the way. The solution was to buy a server security certificate for OMJRoute (https vs http) like I have for OldManJim and OMJMaps. Bottom line, it cost me money to do what I do, so I hope you enjoy!

To break out of the blog and run it full page (like on your phone) click the route key number in the top right corner :-)