I rescued a puppy today down on Shoal Creek road. It was just walking along the side of a desolate road, totally out of place and looked lost. This was not the way I planned on spending my afternoon but I had no choice but to pull over and stop.

He came right to me so I picked him up and put him on my passenger seat and brought him back to my place. I fed him some cat food with water but he just wanted to get close to me and come inside the house, howling on the front step like a baby.

It was 1430 in the afternoon, places shutting down soon, no way could I allow this flea-ridden adorable little thing to spend the night with us. I looked up Animal Shelter and found one really close, up a few side roads from my house. An animal control officer answered and said if I could get there by 1500 she would take him. I was there in five minutes.

Two women met me at my truck, they fawned all over him, rescue done. I managed to shoot a little footage at the house and it's waiting to be watched below.