The weather in Florida looks good for next week, seventies and eighties. I would really like to get my act together, pay my rent, buy some bird feed and leave it on my porch for Hudson, and road trip down South,

I called the ducks in from across the lake again, with my quack quack quack call. Not sure if Hudson could pull that off. He also has school next week and that's quite a burden to impose on him.

I really wish I could take those bags of wild bird seed and cracked corn up to the dock, and have the Rangers invite the folks visiting in the cabins, to have a go at feeding them.

I think I will post this and send it off to Rachel, maybe she could forward the idea to the park staff.

Here's a good feeding video: Duck Buds

The rules of the game: I've been showing up between 0815 and 0830 for months now. Often they are waiting at the dock for me, but sometimes their sense of feeding time is a little off, and they are hanging out way over by the dam. I can get their attention and have them swim across the lake to me, and that takes about ten minutes. The geese also gather around and appreciate the feed tossed towards them. That's it!

My quack mixture is good for them, it suppliments their diet daily, and they love it!