My boss Ricky and I took care of those rocks today, that were busting tubes under the bridge. Daniel loaned me a badass pry bar that worked well. I asked Ricky if he had one on his truck, and he said, yea, bigger than that. He is a contractor after all.

We used the one I brought, mainly to break up rocks with pointed edges, and manually moved the bigger ones to the side of the creek. Should make for smooth tubing down a fast moving stretch.

Ricky showed up at 1030 and his timing was perfect as I was trying to figure out what to do before my in-home medical checkup at noon.

The medical visit went great, a distinguished older doctor showed up and he updated the things my provider needed to know, checked my b/p, heart, reflexes and general stuff. Right from the comfort of my big chair. I passed!

He was probably more then fifteen years younger than me, but I bet he wouldn't be rolling big rocks around the creek in his spare time.