I've been thinking about the ramifications of losing your phone, like I almost did leaving it on my roof as I drove to work.

Ok, assume you can't find it anywhere, it's gone. One of these things will occur.

1. It's lost in the grass of the earth, never to be seen again for 1,000 years.

2. It's been found by a human, and one of two things will normally occur.

  2a. The person goes out of their way to figure out how to get it to you. I leave my phone unlocked because of this. I figure I got a fifty-fifty chance of it being found by a good human, as opposed to a bad one.

  2b. It's been found by a bad person, who will either hack it themselves, have somebody else do it, or just sell it.

or... The worst situation would be, after you've shut down your financial accounts, the bad one, pretending to be a good one, brings you your phone.

You are so grateful, and bouncing around, offering hugs and rewards! Alright, I can bring my accounts back online again.

Meanwhile, bad person has your phone totally hacked, probably has a duplicate that see's everything you do.

bottom line: DNLYP. Do Not Lose Your Phone!

The best return outcome for me would be a hot suburban soccer mom with a bunch of kids in the back of her mini van, with big boobs so I can enjoy the hugs.