I really upped my game on the job today. I've been struggling with removing old patches that were leaking, for replacement. I've been using my fingers, with a little help from pliers once I got a corner up, and then the old glue was impossible to remove fully.

I bought a dispenser of denatured alcohol that Daniel recommended and a bottle of DeSolveIt he loaned me, along with lacquer thinner, to no avail. So before work this morning I dropped into True Value Hardware, told the boss man my issue, and what I was using. He said those were my best options and couldn't recommend another product.

Then he suggested something that became a game changer. He said buy a hair dryer! It's great for melting the glue, allowing it to be removed. Brilliant!

Then I picked up a mid-sized Conair 1875 watt dryer at Dollar General for $15. First thing I do now with an old patch is to heat it up from a couple inches away for a minute. Then, with the glue melted it peels right off.

I spray denatured alcohol on the reamaining glue and let it soak in, then I heat it up some more and wipe it off with lacquer thinner. Slick as a baby's ass.

I also bought a tool from Amazon last week that allows me to apply a hard textured roll to the new patch, that works amazingly well. I then let the new patch sit for a while with weight on it. As a result I knocked out an impressive number of repairs today, ran out of tubes to fix, and went home at 1230.

How about that shit!