I just came to grips with something, now that I've shut down notifications, that this blog is really my personal journal, it just happens to be online for anyone to see. If you want to drop by, please do, otherwise avoid me.

The best position in life is to not give a shit what people think of you, just be honest, be real, help people when you can, and express yourself.

I have this new morning routine where I get up at 0400, drink my hot lemon water, catch up on the news, eat some cereal, watch TikTok and then go back to bed around 0530. As a result I've been having some amazingly realistic dreams as I sleep for an hour. The dream this morning was something!

I was living in a large house alone, when suddenly it was invaded by a bunch of people having a big all day office party. My possessions were striped away, party stuff was being brought in, I kept finding bud lying around that I scooped up and stashed.

I wanted to take a shower but the curtain was gone and there were people everywhere in my large bathroom. I just couldn't expose my nakedness to the group.

Later a beautiful freckle faced redhead approached me with a baby on her hip. She pulled her blouse open and presented a big nipple to me, dripping with breast milk, inches from my face, and said remember this?. As I moved my mouth toward it she suddenly said no! and I stopped. Story of my life...

This afternoon I was asleep behind the wheel up in the park, soaking up the sun through my windshield, when my phone rang. It was the used parts outfit in Dayton, TN and he told me that the leaf springs were a no go, damaged.

Road trip off, searching for other options now...