I spend my days pacing around my little house, watching streaming video. I rebuilt my bed today, flipping both sheets to avoid the laundry mat for a while.

I saw an ad on Paramount+ for Perdue chicken, free range and no antibiotics, so I broke my several year chicken boycott, and bought a big bag of strips. I also grabbed some new sugar free dipping sauce called Yum Yum from G Hughes. It was the highlight of my day yesterday.

I visited my duck buddies at the park this morning, it's been a while. They were hunkered down sleeping in the grass when I pulled in. I let out my quack quack call and they jumped up and came a waddling. It was great to see them and hand feed them some quack cocaine, which I carry in my truck at all times.

My dad gave me some pocket change ($107) today. The royalties from his old family gas well show up in my mailbox when they go over a $100. If I last the next couple years I may get some decent scratch from a multi-million lawsuit from the well. That's got long cruise written all over it!

I don't shower as much as I should, because it doesn't matter. It's also my biggest fear to fall in the shower, and break a hip with no phone in there to call 911. Besides, having a bunch of paramedics hauling my naked ass off the floor, to the hospital, is not on my bucket list. I think I would rather just lay there until Daniel got home. If I don't answer the door, he knows the codes to get in.

I ain't looking for no sympathy here, I'm just writing and saying what's real. That's what blogging is all about. I wish I could be talking about a new website, workouts at the gym, or a new lady! But that ain't the reality...