My monthly rent is $450.

My utilities average around $110.

My internet, TV and phone run about $125.

About half my social security goes to these basics monthly.

I think that's a good balance, leaving the rest for food, gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, Netflix, Prime, the Mozilla VPN, etc....

But what about living? I've been to Belize three times and Roatan twice, since I moved here four years ago. I'm lucky, so many folks in my position are barely getting by, or not, as the economy crashes.

If not for the choices I made as a young man, to be successful, rich, and loved, I would not be here today!

And that's about as thick as the bird shit on my board. I made terrible decisions, fucked up at every angle, and yet finally turned it around, and survived.

So here I sit, broken hearted, tried to hit, but only darted...