I recently stated in a post (which I took down) that it was a mistake to move here, and I am now rethinking that position.

My friend Crissinda told me it can't be chalked up to a mistake or bad decision if it has left any good memories, adventures, experiences, or new people. She's right of course, since I've had some great adventures (eleven day cruise to the Caribbean, road trips all over the south and midwest, reconnecting with my grand-daughter Shelby down in Pensacola, a great cross country road trip back west last summer, and now on to Belize) along with good experiences and nice people along the way.

My life has stabilized economically with cheap rent, low monthly bills, $300 a year vehicle insurance and a great Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan. Today I drove sixty miles to Franklin, TN and got my tires rotated for free at Discount Tire, then I had half the teeth in my head pulled out (only had eight) at a top rated dentist down the road from there with zero deductible, and then paid five bucks for pain pills.

I have a passport and I'm double vaxed. I have a gym membership at Workout Anytime that doesn't cost me a dime. What the hell am I bitching about!

None of this would have occurred if I had stayed in the Idaho log home, so allow me to stand corrected.

p.s. I was in the waiting room on the third floor of the fancy dentist waiting room, looking out over beautiful Franklin, TN, and I told the receptionist "I haven't been this high since traveling through Colorado last summer!" Cracked her up :-)