The potential new owners are coming by to assess my little space, as a function of buying everything out from Steve.

He was telling me that they are not going to do inspections, or any of the normal things you would do before buying a property, they just want to know what their getting, for cash.

Unoccupied property has had Goggle 360 degree cameras installed, which lets the buyers examine each place in detail. Steve swung his monitor around and showed me one, impressive stuff.

So, I'm going to have strangers walking around my place, takin pictures. I'm proud of my little living space, it's perfect for an old retired guy like me. I cleaned most everything up the other day for movie night, now all I got to do is mop the kitchen floor.

I ain't going to put on a facade, my place is what it is, and if they don't raise my rent, I'll be here until I expire, like Piper. Otherwise they can overhaul it, raise the rent, and I will move on.

I'm sure we'll take a walk behind the house and I will show them my well maintained planter, and the cool ivy growing up the back of the house, that's starting to cover my shower window.

This is a wonderful piece of property, that survived the nineties flood. Steve pays $120 a month in flood insurance for our duplex and his spot down on the creek. This is deducted from the rent from Drew and I.

He could charge us so much more, but he doesn't. I admire Steve, for whatever has drivin him to do this.