It amazes me how many businesses rely on FaceBook to provide a web presence to the world. It's even worse when they create a domain name presence that cries out for securing that name, but they don't because they don't know how or what to do with it once they get it.

I have a job in the hopper here with a local rideshare for seniors program. They need someone to take it by the reins and make it come alive. I am hugely qualified to do it with decades of experience in the paratransit world, barring health issues that might get in the way.

I was looking at their Facebook page yesterday and saw that they were calling themselves MyRide Lawrence which is a subsidiary of the MyRide, TN program, based here in Lawrence County. Their email was myridelawrence at which showed a definite commitment to a domain name.

But, they hadn't secured the name! OMG... So I did. Then I took that great template I used for Rileys auto body business and created a website on it. It looks damn sexy on my phone, just like an app, but it's pure php, html, css, mysqli and javascript.

And, I don't have that job, what the hell am I thinking? Do I send them the link and say Merry Christmas? It's still a work in progress as I need to build signup forms for it, but if you would like to take it for a spin, because you're special and follow my blog, here you go:

Feedback appreciated...