My new electronics travel bag arrives Saturday. I have this cool cable and dodads organizer to put in it, along with my laptop and tablet. I can carry it over my shoulder and present it as a package to TSA as I fly to Seattle to meet my newest grandchild.

On Sunday, I'll load it up, along with packing up my rolling bag. Ha! I'm putting my bulky Garmin GPS and a crazy light ball into the bag, I guess I'll have to notify them...

At 1600 I'm going to drive up into the park and hang out with my fellow CSTC crew for an end of the season gathering.

Then, drive to one of those layover gas stations near the Nashville Airport, and spend the night on the memory foam bed, inside my canopy.

In the morning, grab some coffee and an egg biscuit. Then I have an easy shot over to the Fly Away parking spot for an 0800 check in, that I have reserved and paid for.

My flight is around 1100, plenty of time to get on a plane.