Amazon/USPS shipping is falling apart in my neck of the woods. After the debacle with my watch where I had to cancel and reorder because it got lost, I ordered a couple of things on Sunday (watch band, key chain light) and it should have arrived Monday morning. Here you go!

Sunday, October 25

*** order placed, package has shipped

 • 11:44 PM arrived at Nashville, TN

*** at this point, ready for early morning USPS ship down to Lawrenceburg.

Monday, October 26

*** but for some reason, it went to Kentucky

 • 10:05 AM arrived at Horse Cave, KY US

*** and by the end of the day, at a different Kentucky location

 • 10:03 PM arrived at Louisville Ky

*** twice

 • 11:03 PM arrived at Louisville Ky

*** finally left Kentucky

 • 11:57 PM left Louisville, KY

Tuesday, October 27

*** ooops, now it really left Kentucky

 • 4:41 AM left Louisville, KY

*** and arrived back in Nashville

 • 7:45 AM arrived at Nashville, TN

*** yey! left Nashville, again

 • 8:29 AM left Nashville, TN

*** and left again

 • 8:44 AM left Nashville, TN

*** and back again

 • 9:57 AM arrived at Nashville, TN

*** spent the morning in Nashville, left again

 • 1:31 PM left Nashville TN

Wednesday, October 28

*** no idea where it's at!

Update: (0730)

 • 3:34 AM really left Nashville TN

 • 5:14 AM arrived at Pulaski, TN

*** why 20 miles down the road?

 • 6:51 AM arrived at Lawrenceburg, TN

*** maybe it will make the truck this morning?

Update: (0930)

 • 9:30 AM arrived at my house

I'm a fan of Amazon and I really think the issue is with the USPS. I was in text contact with an Amazon rep early this morning who apologized for the delay, gave me a $30 credit towards my next order and suddenly the shipment accelerated, landing in my box an hour earlier than everyday normal delivery.