As I look back on my seventy six years, one thing stands out strong, I was an amazing computer programmer.

Hell, I wrote assembly code for the airlines black box (actually red) for Sundstrand!

I developed scanner drivers for PC PaintBrush at 5k a pop.

I set up an entire accounting system for the makers of Uncle Sherman, a flasher doll made famous by Johnny Carson.

I developed two systems (Sys 3/10 and 15) for Interocean Steamship, allowing them to become the premier west coast shipping company. Folks, I was billing my time out at $65 an hour, sometimes more, in the late seventies.

I then created PC software that was marketed around the world. I attended ComDex down in Vegas for several years as a coding rock star.

I developed the graphics for a 16 bit PC killer company called MindSet. And on and on...

Now, it's all over. I've been developing web sites for a while (since the internet evolved), but no more.

I haven't written a line of code in months. I had the html, javascript, jquery, css, php thing down! And then it suddenly died in my heart.

I miss it...