I didn't get that job running the MyRide Lawrence program, hell I wasn't even called in for an interview, and I had to email them twice to see if they had made a decision! I suspect they had someone picked all along but had to go through the motions, it is a small southern town after all. Oh well, they don't know what they missed and at least now I'm free to explore other life options. I've been pouring my heart and soul into a website for them, knowing full well I probably wouldn't be able to implement it, and now I need to just have fun with it.

If you do a Google search for myride lawrence my site is right up there with their Facebook page, and a DuckDuckGo search has it at the top of their list! It has been truly rewarding to create an amazing piece, my creative mind is happy, but watch out now. :-)

I haven't given up on it at all, in fact I'm converting it to a generic MyRide template and there are several around the state. Maybe I can find an interested party...