My sister called me yesterday and we had a wonderful talk about everything. We talked voice to voice, it was real, and great!

Then I fell asleep in my chair at 8pm and slept until 1am, at which point I dragged myself into bed. I slept well with no hiccups until 7am. I never sleep that late but there I was, warm and snuggly.

Then I fell back to sleep for an hour and had some great dreams. I told myself to roll over and get up, but I fell back asleep and had more amazing dreams until 9am.

Weird stuff is rolling around inside my head, I can't really define it but it's like my brain is dreaming while I'm awake and moving around. It's happening on a separate channel from normal brain waves, and confusing everything.

But I have a life! I need to get dressed and mosey up to the lake...