My Trinity natural gas well down in Oklahoma is doing well. Prices are up and she's still pumping strong. Of course I don't own it, or I wouldn't be sitting here writing about it. But I do have shares.

This all started when my dads grandfather, Joseph Simpson, leased out land that he owned, to be pumped for oil and natural gas.

I really have no idea how it all works, but I am a descendant and a percentage holder. As a result I have received royalties from Trinity for well over a decade.

We're not talking big money here, there was a few thousand built up when we first hooked up, but the checks were finally down to a hundred or two, every three months. Then they stopped after I got here. I did get one, so I know they had my new address, I just ended up in a questionable address queue.

We worked it out and the other day I got a nice little check for $130. I took it to my bank, convinced the lady that the Riza name on the check was really me, and stuck the cash in my pocket, fun money.

I was sitting around the house this morning with my lazy neighbor Daniel who decided not to go to work today, when the cute mail lady drove by. We both have a crush on her.

She stopped and left me some mail, and it turned out to be another Trinity check for $329.19. Now I ain't a wealthy man, I'm on SS, with a bit of a stash. This is like mana from heaven, I don't think I made this much in the last three weeks patching tubes, between days rained out and short hours.

I really believe that your entire family before you is watching down on you, and giving you every bit of support they can, along the way. These checks are a gift from my fathers side, and I am grateful.