I should first say a few things about Louie. He was affable, not very bright, socially inept and everybody loved him. I was the troubled anti-social track star outcast. Somehow we had a chemistry together and were best friends. I was devastated and worried about him as I stood on that hot Mexican sidewalk. He really didn't have the street savvy to be down here on his own, much less in the hands of a guy who had just kidnapped him.

I wandered around town all afternoon looking for them and finally realized they were long gone. I spent the next two days hitching out of Mexico and landed in downtown Long Beach, CA, my birthplace and the spot were my other good friend Rick was stationed on a Navy ship. He told me once that he could have guests on board and we could eat a meal there. I hadn't eaten or slept for three days so I was trying to make it to Ricks ship.

I came across a park, laid down on the grass and slept for a while. When I woke up the logical thing to do was continue on down the street to the Navy base, but I didn't and this is where the magic of fate, or whatever you want to call it, happened. I got up and walked into the middle of the park, and there sitting on a bench was Louie with his head in his hands, both of our suitcases, and an old man with a long beard was standing in front of him with his head bowed.

Louie looked up at me and we ran together and embraced. As we separated the old man was gone and I asked Louie who that was and he said the guy had just come up and asked if he was alright and Louie said, no, that he was lost, and the old man said "Lets pray together". That's what they were doing when I walked up, I swear to God.