I guess this is my claim to fame, as I fade into the sunset. I created the very first graphics program for the IBM PC! Ahead of Microsoft and all of the other big players: 4-Point Graphics.

I bought the first IBM PC to hit the Computerland store in Oakland, CA, along with a color monitor, and a development system called Compiled Basic, in the very early eighties, for around $6,000 in cash out the door.

I then shut down my IBM System 38 consulting career at $65 an hour, and never looked back.

Here was this amazing personal computer created by IBM, running an OS from Microsoft, and I had the new personal computer world at my fingertips.

So I wrote a graphics program, and it opened up a new career that lasted for a decade. I was a programming star, creating programs that made the world stage. I developed a reputation and coding cred, and formed two companies, Bridgeway Publishing and Hamilton Graphics.

I was an amazing computer programmer back in the seventies and eighties. As I look back, I have no idea where that gift came from, but it was a great ride!