Back in mid 1971 I was living in Oakland, CA and finishing up my third year of a two year college.

I was Merritt College's audio/visual guy for the first two years. Then IBM delivered the ground-breaking IBM Sys-3, Model 10 to the school. I was the computer geek there, I took over the lab, and stayed for one more year.

I learned a lot. My knowledge of the hardware, and the ability to program it to do what the user wants it to do, was the best in the Bay Area when I hit the street.

One of my first gigs was setting up a Sys-3/10 for the mafia, (Golden Grain, San Leandro) who were selling pasta worldwide and investing. That's where I met my lifelong friend, Skoge.

Then I met Ralph Key, who became my agent. He leased me out to the biggest bidders, from Monterey, to Sausalito, for a percentage of the take.

Then I moved on from Ralph and just pursued the best projects the Bay Area had to offer, and their were many.

IBM was promoting their Sys-3 systems to the area big time, I'm talking flat out hard. I had developed a name and a reputation, and I was on IBM's speed-dial list.

So I did that for a decade. Then they invented the PC, and I have been their bitch ever since...

I just want you to know, that I am way more than what's currently been hanging out on the end of Lee St.