I was talking to a man named Pat today, and he said his younger brother (around 50) was having issues and kept passing out. He ended up in the hospital and when Pat went to see him, they told him his brother tested positive for Covid, and they just assumed everyone in the family must all be positive, and they kicked him out to the street!

Shocked, the guy then had to contact all the family members who were going to visit this guy in the near future, and tell them that they wouldn't be allowed in.

Here's the kicker. The next day they called Pat, and said they made a mistake. Two tests were taken that day, and the results got swapped in the lab. So, then he had to contact the family, once again, to say they could go visit.

I forgot to ask him what hospital, but he's a local guy, and we only got one.

Hah! I just realized that naming this post Hospital smacks of clickbait! Sorry :-)