I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friends at Crockett Shoals Tubing this morning. The tube handling boys are back, and full of it as usual. I got them up to speed with the patching techniques I developed last Summer, and they will do fine.

I met the new driver that Elizabeth hired, his name is Chris and he's a former long-haul trucker. I drove, and showed him the route, along with the various emergency pick-up spots along the creek. He's a nice guy, but I have to say, I only understood half of what he said.

He has a really strong country accent, and I was trying really hard, but when you have spent the bulk of your life on the West Coast, decoding these down home accents is challenging for me sometimes.

I told him that half of his riders would be ladies in bathing suits. He understood and accepted that... I wish him the best and I really hope he works out this Summer. It's a great fun job!