I have no patience with poor restaurant service. There have been four instances here that have pissed me off to the point that I will never return.

The first was a popular Mexican place that I don't even remember the name of now. When I was seated, I was handed a bowl of chips and a menu. I decided quickly what I wanted, then I sat there for ten minutes. The place wasn't busy, and a couple came and were seated in a booth across from me. When a waitress came up and took their order, I stormed out of there!

Next up was the new place in town, Hinie's Barbecue. I had their pulled pork sandwich, and it was a lame amount of pork in a bun, and over priced. I bitched about it on FB and the owner replied that it was a new guy cooking and he didn't know how much pork to put on there. I've never been back.

I have had an occasional breakfast at the place in the Square, and it's not bad. Unfortunately, when I go in, there are always a couple of big tables with a bunch of good old boys sharing loudly. Daniel says I should join in, hell no. The other day I went in, and again sat for about ten minutes while the two waitresses catered to those tables, and once again stormed out!

Finally, Arby's. They have a decent deluxe fish sandwich that I like, but when I went there yesterday, there was nobody at the counter. I'm watching the drive up window being serviced, Door Dash orders being filled, and I'm standing there like an idiot, waiting for someone to come to the counter and take my order. After five minutes, I said "Fuck this!" loudly, and stormed out the door.

I'm running out of places to eat around here, because I hold a grudge when it comes to bad service, or poor food quality!